Saturday, 23 September 2017


"Above us our palace waits,
the only one I've ever needed."

"Its walls are space,
its floor is sky,
its centre everywhere." 

"We rise;
the shapes cluster around us in welcome,
dissolving & forming again..."

"like fireflies
in a summer evening."


summer memories bottled
at the exquisite Sabatini Gardens in Madrid.


Tuesday, 19 September 2017


i know, how cute can one actually get, right?!
my two gorgeous nieces popped round 
on Sunday afternoon.
little Stella has a thing for the Eiffel tower,
she clutched my miniature one tightly in her hand
the whole time... 
when she started to play with that old top hat, too,
I had no choice but to quickly
rummage for the camera.
she chose props that were right up my street :) 

at the weekend,
we also caught some fresh autumn air
in the countryside,
just the two of us.
sometimes i get an urge
to surround myself with fields
even for just an afternoon. 
it had just rained
& then came the sun.
a field of glistening pearls.

past the midway point 
of september,
it's autumn for real. 
i'm drawn to lush, deep tones,
mauve, mulberry, crimson, fig,
a notch deeper
than the early autumn golds.

inspiration isn't hard to find on the whole right now.
still plenty of light
for spontaneous camera play,
& a closing in of sorts
in a world of one's very own
of books, poems, films & walks
that feed the imagination. 


Friday, 15 September 2017


That, folks, was a mixed bag of a week.
grey skies, 
lots of stuff landing on the desk unexpectedly, 
totally changing the planned agenda,

a special encounter with a person 
who instantly felt like a soulmate 
and an enticing offer that shone a new light 
on almost everything,

exhibition of Francesca Woodman,
the beauty and anguish getting under the skin,

 tiredness, stress and sore eyes,

sharing some heartache with a friend 
over a cup of ginger tea, 
both going through something similar – 
at the end of the conversation, 
we concluded that we’ve both done what we can 
to keep the peace on every side, 
all you can do is hold it all on an open hand 
and receive the peace that belongs to us. 
So thankful for friends 
with whom we can truly share the journey, 
in the middle of it,
not just the highlights
or after reaching clarity over something.
The mess n' all. 
The light and lightness 
for both after a good heart to heart.

Life is rich, many-sided 
and beauty takes a myriad of forms.

Wishing you a restful weekend! 


The quickest among you
may have noticed a quick music swap.
Wasn't so happy with the quality
of the youtube version I found
of Peteris Vasks' Dona Nobis Pacem,
but it's a dream on Spotify
sung by the Latvian Radio Choir.
But instead, Valse Triste by Sibelius.
My son is practicing it for his orchestra
this week.
We sat down together and listened especially
to the lower notes rather than the melody,
and suddenly discovered a whole new layer of nuances.
One of those pieces
you can't listen to without getting a little tearful.

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